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Los Angeles Protest against the War

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The first protest against the war in the Obama administration marched for withdrawing American troops from Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. The demonstrators cried out for money being spent in jobs and education instead of tax-money being spent on wars. According to the National Assembly

$84billion from taxpayer money has been spent on the Iraq war.

Solidarity between cultures was apparent, including Palestine, Arab and Hispanic marchers. Many socialist groups came to the demonstration, demanding money to be spent on education and jobs instead of the US wars. Speakers from the Party of Socialism and Liberation, the Peace & Freedom Party, Islamic Council, Iraq Veterans against the War, Latino Movement USA, National Council of Arab Americans and Alliance for a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines came together to the

Demonstration organized by the ANSWER coalition.

Quote from protestor: “We need more of the revolution…. Its so easy for everybody to turn the cheek, to turn the other way.”


Save the Wright Library

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The current financial crises has affected people all over the world and at home. Budget cuts and reforming the financial systems are essential for a change towards overcoming the obstacles of 2008 and 2009. Throughout the communities money has to be reconsidered of where and how to spent it. In the City of Ventura, one of these reconsideration on how to save public money was to shut down the Hellen Power Wright Memorial Library and relocate all the books into the EP Foster Library in West Ventura.

Funding for the libraries comes from the City and Library Administration, who get the money for libraries through taxes on US citizens. Mary K. Lynch explains that 95 to 98% of the budget comes from property tax. As the property value is sinking, the property tax is sinking, leaving the administration with a smaller budget to maintain the three libraries in Ventura.

The Hellen Power Wright Library in East Ventura serves 2/3 of the 102 000 people living in the city, according to Mary K. Lynch, city librarian at H.P.. Since 1966 it has been used by many citizens, including eight Elementary Schools, two Middle Schools, four High Schools and two close by Senior communities in 2009.


Portraits Class

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Auditing the Portraits class gave me the oportunity to take some pretty photos of my friend Kate.

Sunset at the Beach

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