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House Sitting

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Mothers Day

Posted in Uncategorized by j9stengel on May 10, 2009

Go to http://www.j9vista.com   my website, to see the flash animation I have created for the mothers of this earth and galaxy. 

All the best to you out there. Be a role model, for the future generations!



Confronting Current Mentalities

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We have just finished our 42min documentary called Confronting Current Mentalities. It includes many of the issues Beatriz Barragan and I are concerned about in this world. It teaches and helps us understand this world a little better. Please check it out and leave a comment!


Confronting the motivations behind our current mentality this highly scripted and didactic 42min piece will reveal aspects of our society purposely kept in the shadows by the ruling elite. Linking the current financial crisis, science of perception, social darwinism, cultural imperialism and global warming to the same root of a “flawed set of ideas.”

Co-directed by Beatriz Barragan Horn and Janine Stengel. 
Research done with books from UCSB library and with various internet sources. 





Tux Fitting

Posted in Uncategorized by j9stengel on May 4, 2009

Last weekend I went accompanied my boyfriend and his best friends to get their Tuxedos fitted for the wedding of Gil. The 5 boys were laughingly enjoying themselves. After, we all went to Johns Incredible Pizza and relived the early years.

A great experience and the wedding will be as fun… at least.