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Clipper Windpower Behind the Scenes

Posted in Uncategorized by j9stengel on June 18, 2009

The last 2 month my team and I, (Blake Lewis and Beatriz Barragan Horn) have been working on corporate video for our corporate video class. It has been a great learning experience. Earning money by producing videos for businesses is a great idea. We have contacted a company that is one of the only two producers of wind turbines in the USA  and also develops projects to build those turbines on. 

In a total of 22 interviews in 2 weeks and they all look great! We have learned so much about windpower and what requirements are needed to even start a project! 

Here some fun facts:

Wind energy is one of the few business who makes large investments in rural America. 

One Turbine 2.5 megawatts produces electricity to power about 800 homes. 

Currently less than 1% of the US power supply comes from wind.

Denmark and parts of Germany provide already more than 20% of the electricity from wind. 

One a turbine is finished mounted, it is as large as a football field. 

It requires 13 overload trucks to move all the parts of 1 turbine. 


It was truly an honor to work with a company who strives for a better future. I hope it was one of many. We might even do another project for Clipper Windpower in the near future.



Diglio Jewelry Photo Shoot

Posted in Uncategorized by j9stengel on June 18, 2009

This was a 4h shoot focusing on Jewels by Donna Diglio. 2 Models, 2 Lights, Reflectors and available light. It was something new and it has been some time since I had played with lighting the last time.