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Multimedia Gallery Coming Soon

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Beatriz and I are working on a gallery exhibit in North Hollywood. We have been working on getting the space and all the legalities for the past 4 months and now its gettin gto the point were all our assets will be printed and edited. 

Its going to be great, as we will have video projection, large and small prints, participation in art and performances during the opening!!

Please come and support us. 





NoHo Arts Network in collaboration with Cella Gallery present:

Disposable Routines:

Multimedia Installation on our Throw Away Culture

Photography – Video Installation exploring the consumption and disposable routines of contemporary society stressing the individual’s importance to Global efforts.

Exhibition Dates: August 28th 2009 – September 4th 2009

Opening Reception: August 28th 2009 6-10pm

Experience a multidiscipline art installation which deals with current issues in an interactive manner. Be prepared to engage in a conversation, to have the opportunity to learn about the importance of your contribution towards a healthy environment. Conglomeration of facts, quotes and visuals to stimulate your mind towards thinking sustainably.

Documentary Film makers Janine Stengel, Germany, and Beatriz Barragan Horn from Mexico will showcase the essence of their documentary efforts in a Gallery/Installation. With a filmography of 6 documentary films, including two feature length documentaries, the visual catalyst has been to combine the expertise of their programs: Visual Journalism and Video and Film Production, respectively. Reoccurring themes through these young artists work include: climate change, consumerism, waste and the power of the individual.

The exhibition has a definite multimedia approach towards communicating the sustainable message, including: video projections, large photographic prints, participation in art, performance art, interactive media, facts and quotes; the goal is to awake the audience’s desire to intervene in the fate of our common future.

Video projections will guide the viewer through a train of thought paced by the editing and juxtaposition of images which ultimately will evoke an instance for reflection about the viewers own consumption routine. Photographic prints will be encountered, both in large format and in small “photo stories.” Images will be supported by facts acquired through the documentary film making process.

The audience will be lead towards the concepts of waste, consumption, disposable- throw away culture, transportation/commuting and how our industrialized culture is affecting the food industry. Performance art will give a voice to all these complex social problems by providing a narrative monologue that relates directly with the facts displayed in the gallery. By making the familiar seem unfamiliar, the viewers will come to the realization that they themselves are responsible for taking action towards minimizing their impact on our environment.



Conversation Sessions

Wednesday September 2nd

5:30pm to 7:00pm

Conversation Sessions- Topic: Media-Propaganda-Manipulation and Consumption

Round Table discussion about our society and the forces that intervene in our consumption choices. People looking for a good civilized conversation and sharing ideas are welcome to attend.

Documentary Screening

Thursday September 3rd

6:00pm to 7:00pm

Documentary Screening: Confronting Current Mentalities

The latest feature length documentary produced by Stengel and Barragan will be screened in its entirety with a Q and A session after the screening. 


VJ Multimedia Workshop

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Portraits work in progress

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Practice will only make me better.