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At the moment there are roughly the same amount of people obese as there are malnourished. So while the developed countries keep eating most 229 million tons of meat every year, the question remains if a solution based on growth and profits is really the answer.
Will be able to rescue the 9.2 billion people living in 2050 in a human and environmentally friendly way? I see no little hope for the negotiations at the COP15, but what I have learned so far, is that we must be proactive in own communities. “Think globally, act locally”. But non of that seems to be at the discussions at the Bella Center, where leaders from around the world have arrived to the negotiations.

„Its not a convention about the environment or the climate. You still believe that somehow the people that are inside (the Bella Center) are negotiating climate solutions? No- its a finance and energy summit. Repeat: a finance and energy summit, “ says Camila Moreno, from the Brazil for Global Justice Ecology project.
She says that with the implementation of REDD the last remaining publicly owned forests will be sold as property, and the indigenous people living in these forests will be pushed out. Brazil and Latin America had been struggling in the past with this problem, when GM (including Chevron and American Electric Power) paid $18 million for their corporate partnership, therefore owning rights to the land.

Many of the delegates from non-governmental-organizations were excluded in the last days of the COP15. Only 1.000 NGO representative from the over 35,000 accredited, will not be allowed inside the Bella Center. NGOs have been ordered to give up 35% of their access passes.
Organizations include Friends of the Earth and LaVia Campesina, who had been very proactive in the discussions.
Cristian Dominguez from the CSUTC Bolivia says that in his working group at the Bella Center they discussed until 2am, that the base for the emissions reductions should be 1990.“They only speak about how much are we going to win on this climate change.”

On the severe police interaction with demonstrators on Wednesday he says:
“There were massacres in this country, in the name of the democracy that it has. Where is the antique democracy of Europe? I don’t see it. It is a democratic dictatorship.” („Han sido masacrados en este pais. Al nombre de esta domacracia que tiene. Donde esta la democracia antiqua de Eruopa, no la veo. Es una dictadura democratica.”)
„The people at the Bella Center talk to the ceiling and not to the people,“ said Friends of the Earth International leader Mnimo Bassey on Tuesday.

Though many have lost fait that the COP will come out with a satisfying result, the discussions go on. There possibly good news on the COP15 website. The developed nations do not consider terminating the Kyoto protocol anymore. Kyoto right now is the only binding enforcement mechanism that the nations share.
Mainly the US have been promoting the idea of collapsing the Kyoto and the Long-Term Cooperative Action (AWG). This would mean , the mainly responsible industrialized nations and the developing countries would act without a binding agreement, in a system of “pledge and review” or in other words “show and tell”, according to the briefings held this morning at the Klimaforum.
One more day to go…